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The WereWolf Minnow Fly Pattern Tutorial

Less is more when tying with WereWolf Hair.  The first few patterns I tied using it, I felt like I needed large clumps to get the profile so when it got wet, it looked like a tasty treat to any trout or bass.  I quickly discovered that when adding more material, it was unnecessary and almost a waste of such an awesome material that doesn't require the huge clumps. 
Small clumps are crucial and still provide the profile that one desires, even when wet.  I have tested them in the bathtub to see how they look and run under the pressure of a faucet to see how it would react and its unreal.  The real benefit is upon one shake, it seems like almost all water is gone.  This material will be ideal for casting a thousand casts for that Muskie or long days of tossing streamers at trout. 
The materials come in lots of colors so tie some up in your favorite color combinations.  I definitely have confidence in contrasting head colors of black, white and silver minnow bodies and hot color heads. 
The Recipe:
Hook: #Ahrexhooks TP610 2/0
Thread: #Semperfli nano silk 3/0
Body: #jstockard Werewolf Hair and #whitingfarms american hackle
Eyes: #spawnflyfish eyes
Resin: thick and #semperfli no tack UV
#Flyfishing #flytying #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies
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