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Fly Tying Tip and Trick: How to use Bobbins to Organize your Thread


First and foremost, it is not necessary to own multiple bobbins and one can simply change the thread as much as one desires. 
However, that being said .... I'm LAZY.
Often times when I am tying a bunch of different patterns in a few different colors, I will justify using the wrong color thread simply because I don't want to keep changing it out.  I even have adopted the habit of primarily using white thread and using sharpies to color it when needed. 
So I came up with a system over the years, so that I basically only put certain thread denier or aught in certain bobbins.  That way when I grab a bobbin loaded with for example black, I know exactly what thread denier or aught it is.
This has been super effective for me, for my randomness in tying, and for nights where I have no idea what to tie or what colors I am going to use. 
Is this a system that will work for anyone? maybe. 
Is this a system that is necessary? no. 
Does this system help me save time at the vise? I would argue yes.
Just a little tip on something I do, that I thought I would share.
#Flyfishing #flytying #svendflies
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