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The Bird Fur Shrimp Fly Pattern Tutorial

I was looking at the label of the Bird Fur from Whiting Farms recently and saw Shrimp as one of the main uses. I was like, hmmm. So I bought Orange, Grizzly Salmon, and Pink with the idea of replacing my bucktail on a typical shrimp pattern with this. I love the results. I hope the fish will as well.

These are tied on a size 6 hook and I found the best amount of feathers to be 3. 2 was too sparse that the flash over powered the hackle and 4 was tooo much. This is solely based off other shrimp patterns I have tied and had friends try and test for me who utilize the effectiveness of Shrimp Flies. I have yet to find Shrimp in my local waters, but have tried to trick a few on still water with some rust orange hoping it might look like a different crayfish to them :)

The Hackle comes in a bunch of colors, Ice dub, Wire, Flash and everything comes in a bunch of colors so mix and match to suit your needs.

Thanks for watching


The Recipe:
Hook: #Ahrexhooks NS150 size 6
Thread: #semperfli waxed thread 8/0
Long Antenna: I bypassed this on this pattern but you could easily add them
Antennule: Krystal Flash
Walking Legs/ Maxillipeds: #Jsflyfishing voodoo fibers
Eyes: 20 or 30lb mono with black resin and coated in #semperfli no tack uv
Rostrum/Carapace/Abdomen: #Whitingfarms bird fur
Segmentation: #semperfli Wire .3mm black
Swimmerets: Ice Dub
Flipper: Bird Fur
Glue: Thick resin then Semperfli No Tack UV
#Flytying #tyingingoneflyaday #svendflies

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