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Fly Tying Tip and Trick : Organizing Hackle and Feathers for storage and easy access by Svend Diesel

Here is a quick 60 second tip on organizing hackle.  On Mop e of the key things I have found is to take a space and figure out what organizational bins will maximize that space.  

For me, these bins from amazon : are the perfect solution for storing most of my tying material.  They are a good size, stack, and have latching lids.  The link is for 14 bins and allows me to stay way organized.  

Find a system that works for you, for me taking the hackle out of the plastic is beneficial and I haven’t had an issue of due bleeding into other feathers but know it could be an issue.  You could also leave them in the plastic sleeves but I am generally trying to be as quick at the vise as possible.   

For my high dollar hackle, I keep them in the plastic sleeves and use legal envelops to sort them by either Midge hackle or colors.   I have found having colored envelopes help with this.  I know that orange for me is midge hackle, blue is for 16 and smaller, red is for 10-14 sized hackle and green is for capes.  Just something that helps keep all my hackle organized and protected.  What I really need is one of those fireproof file cabinets now to really secure it 😂


Hope these tips helped someone out there get an idea to better organize their tying feathers.  




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