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#spookystreamer Fly Tying Contest Details 2019

Fly Tying Contest Official #spookystreamer rules below:

1. Tie a streamer
2. Post the Streamer to your Instagram Account
3. Write #spookystreamer in the caption of the post so the judges can find it.
4. Do it before the end of 31st of October (Midnight MST), 2019
5. Winner will be announced Nov 1st (Pending Judges)
6. Simple as that, no accounts to follow, no tag three buddies, no tricks just the treat of having fun tying some streamers around Halloween. Enter as many times as you want, repost old flies (anything posted before this post in the feed WILL NOT BE JUDGED, in other words you can not add this hashtag to old photos)

What is a Streamer? Google tells us that they are bigger flies that you fish on an active retrieve. It is the fly-fishing equivalent of a conventional lure. So tie up some meat and submit it to the contest. The winner will be judged by 5 very experienced streamer tyers. The streamer will be judged on:
1. Creativity (Halloween Themed)
2. Durability
3. Fishability
4. Bin Appeal

There will be one winner, the Prize will include:
@douglasoutdoors LSR Rod to toss the streamers you tie up (6 or 8 wgt, winners choice)
@ahrexhooks 10 packs of streamer hooks to tie some more and some stickers.
@frankenfly a pack of every color of Vampire Sheep Hair and WereWolf Hair
@jsflyfishing $50 Gift card to replenish your tying materials
@spawnflyfish 15 Crew Boss heads and 2 shank packs and 5 packs of bling rabbit strips
@flyskinz 9 packs of Thin finz tails, Stickers and a Buff
@whitingfarms 2 American rooster Capes and 1 Coq de Leon rooster cape and a American streamer pack.
@fireholeoutdoors Svendflies Magnetic Fly Bench
@tackyflyfish 1 predator box to store all your new streamers in.

I also have added these as a comment so people know the fine print rules:

*Contest is open to anyone, anywhere. However, in the event that you are an international winner (not in the US), all items will be declared at value and may be due to import taxes or duties for your country that we will not be responsible for*

**In the event of a tie using the point system from the judges, the winner will be determined by if the two account entries follow me and the above companies whos products I love and use. So you should probably follow them because they are awesome and if it is a tie, the more you follow the better chance you have of breaking the tiebreaker. But as mentioned, you are not required to follow to enter and win.**

***winner must be willing to mail me the winning fly***

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