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The Loco Moose Stimi (Stimulator) Fly Pattern Tutorial

As with many patterns, there are hundreds of variations due to the availability of new product materials and creativeness being shared around the world. That being said, one of my favorite ways to tie the Stimulator Fly is using Moose as the tail and wing. The colors of the Moose hair is always such a treat to work with and have such a unique property dry and wet. Does it catch more fish than elk or deer hair caddis? This I do not know, but it is longer for those bigger stimis and often I over size the wing in length.

The Stimulator is a pattern that is used to imitate stoneflies or caddis fly. A pattern developed in the 1980s by Jim Slatterly and later modified Randall Kaufmann of which is widely used today. It’s known to catch fish and do it often

Tie some up in your favorite colors and have a lot of fun watching it get smashed.
The Recipe:
Hook: #Ahrexhooks FW531 size 10
Thread: #Semperfli Waxed Thread 12/0
Tail and Wing: #NaturesSpiritflytying Moose Hair
Body: Loco Foam, oil slick
Ribbing: Semperfli .2mm wire and #whitingfarms hackle
Head: Loco foam and hackle
#Flyfishing #flytying #Fishing #svendflies

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