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Dorsey's Manhatten Midge Fly Pattern Tutorial

When I looked at this pattern I saw an air bubble zebra midge with my favorite material, Peacock. Pat Dorsey had this pattern right the exact way and size he ties it. Rumor has it, the fly was created in a Manhatten apartment. Maybe thats why its most effective in the smaller sizes lol.

Here I have a little bit of fun adding a hot color tungsten bead for weight and also a wire hot spot at the tail. I guess you could say that the Krystal flash loop is a little bit of flare, but this is pretty much as close as I could come to his pattern. I generally use a silver bead and wire, but figured I would have some fun with this for the video.

All of these materials come in hundreds of colors so mix it up and add a variety to your box.

The Recipe:
Hook: #fireholeoutdoors sticks
Thread: #semperfi waxed thread 12/0
Wire: #semperfli .1 mm wire
Flash: Krystal flash
Collar: #naturesspiritflytying peacock
Bead: #fireholeoutdoors stones
Resin: no tack uv and bone dry

#flyfishing #flytying #svendflies #jsflyfishing

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