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D2 Bunny Leech Fly Pattern Tutorial

Here is a bunny leech variant that offers a solution to not having a dubbing brush already made. Use two Dub loops and twist them together by hand.

This isn't the only solution to the problem. You could easily put the rabbit and dubbing into one dubbing loop. However, this method allows me to space the materials the way I want for each of them as I were making a dubbing brush on a dubbing brush table. I found adding them into one loop, was much more clumpy and not as even. However you could always making a single dubbing loop and stack all your materials on a hard surface and insert it composite loop style. You have options.

Hope you enjoy this bunny leech using a couple new products including Spawn fly fish 60 degree shank and UV simi seal. I talk a little about both of those products in the video and show the movement of the articulation and also the UV properties of the dubbing.


The Recipe: Hook: Ahrexhook NS122 size 4

Shank: Spawnflyfish 60 degree 20mm

Thread: Semperfli nano silk 3/0 black

Rabbit: Hareline Magnum Rabbit Strip black

Body: Spawn fly fish UV simi seal and Black Cross cut rabbit hair

UV resin: Bone Dry

Eyes: Large lead eyes

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