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Dub Loop Peach Leech Fly Patter Tutorial by Svenddiesel

How many dub loops can you use to create a fly, well lots. This one has 4. For a smaller leech/ potential baitfish pattern, this seems like a lot to me. Its based off the new dubbing and custom dyed marabou for Spawnfly fish. The names Southern Fl. Peach and Ghost Shrimp UV Orange just scream secret weapon so Ill be integrating these colors into lots of flies in the near future.

If you struggle with dub loops this will be awesome practice. I do recommend the Stonfo Elite Roto Twisting tool to help anyone who is struggling. Its spendy, but worth it in my opinion. Ive had countless guys when out tying say they struggle or want to make them better or have an easier time with them and when I loan it to them, magic happens.

This pattern is nothing really new other than using new materials and combining what many have done before into a fun fishy pattern. I love the ease of the articulation of these jigged shanks.

It will definitely pierce some lips.

The Recipe:

Hook: #Ahrexhooks SA280 #4 Minnow

Thread: #Semperfli nano silk 3/0

Tail and body: #harelinedubbin Marabou blood quills Spawns Southern FL peach

Body: #Spawnflyfish Ghost/Shrimp UV Orange Simi Seal

Eyes/Weight: Medium lead eyes

Cement: Bone dry

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