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The Simple Streamer Fly Pattern Tutorial

There is a group of youth tyers up in Alberta Canada called the Vise Crew who want to tie some streamers and have mastered the Clouser so why not begin the steps of making massive streamers using marabou. These kids are out of school and are tying and needed a pattern so when reached I got reached out to, I've had this fly in my mind ever since I touched the FNF Creeper chenille. I hope the Vise Crew enjoys this pattern and comes up with some sweet color combinations to match bait fish and minnows in their local waters.

Its a Simple Streamer because it requires minimal materials, looks like garbage as a dry streamer, but is simply money when fished. I use two colors of marabou, something everyone should have in their tying supplies, a bit of Krystal flash, but the key is building up the body so the Marabou head has something that will keep it popped up. Marabou when wet wants to lay flat and not maintain profile. Look at the tail when wet. Without the proper body, it would simply lay to the hook shank and sort of be as skinny as a clouser. Although I am using a product that you might not have for the body, this can be accomplished using a medium chenille or even a dubbing loop. However, the key is to make sure to build it heaver behind the eyes. Watch the video for the reason why.

Hope you enjoy this pattern, shout out the Vise Crew, keep tying and trying new patterns and materials.


Hook: #Ahrexhooks TP615 sizes 1/0-4

Thread: #Semperfli waxed thread 6/0

Eyes: Lead eyes for weight, medium or large. Can also use brass eyes or beadchain

Tail and Head: #Naturesspiritflytying fish hunter marabou in white UV and sculpin olive

Body: FNF Creeper in White

Other Tools: Sharpie, UV resin, Z- Ment (Super glue)

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