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The Schlappen Bugger Fly Pattern Tutorial

There are a hundred variations of the Woolly Bugger out there and this is one of them.  Schlappen is a different feather one could use to palmer the body, adding longer fibers that are more webby and also have more movement.  Typically I use Schlappen on my bigger streamers, but in this video I show two different sizes of schlappen out of the same bag and use the smaller of the two to create almost an identical pattern to the Woolly Bugger without the stiff hackle fibers. 
Generally for my box I would go with the larger of the two feathers to create a better variety of patterns for days where the fish might not want the long flowyness of the larger feather and go with the more slender and traditional pattern.  But hey, I need to stop thinking for the fish and just have some variety to see what they prefer more. 
All the materials come in a ton of different colors, so tie some up in your confidence colors and hopefully they pierce some lips for you as well. 
The recipe:
Hook: size 10
Thread: #semperfli waxed thread 12/0
Tail: #whitingfarms bugger bou
Flash: Krystal flash pearl
Body: #semperfli guard hair chenille
Hackle: Schlappen feather
Wire: .2 mm gold #semperfli wire
Head: Brass bead with a smidge of #semperfli ice dub
#flyfishing #flytying #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies
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