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Booby Bugger Fly Pattern Tutorial

The Booby Fly is one that has been gaining much attention and growing in popularity in recent years. Originated in the 80's by Gordon Fraser as would could be considered an attractor pattern, I have found personally that the sporadic movement in the water is hard to mimic with any other fly or pattern.

I typically fish these in "Hot Colors" or bright colors as an attractor, but this last summer I have added some in some of my favorite bugger/leech combo patterns. I typically fish this as a Tailer fly to a weighted leech/bugger with about 20-36" of tippet which allows me to cover more area in the water column because of the foam used suspends the fly a bit higher than my weighted fly. When using the brighter color chenilles and bodies, I have also found it effective with a tailer fly in black, olive, white, and wine and it acting as an attractor and typically I land fish on the tailer, more nature color, fly.

Color combinations of the materials used for this fly are endless, so the only way to truly be prepared is to tie some up in every color.

Hope they pierce some lips for you.


The Recipe:
Hook: #ahrexhooks FW560 size 10
Thread: #semperfli waxed thread 12/0
Tail: #whitingfarms bugger bou black
Flash: Krystal flash
Body: #semperfliflytying ice dub in a dubbing loop
Eyes: Foam cylinder cut using @upavon_flyfishing cutter tool
Resin: #semperfli uv resin
#flyfishing #flytying #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies

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