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The MoHair Balanced Leech Fly Pattern Tutorial

Ive done plenty of leech tutorials and balanced patterns on here, but when I find a new material that I love, I gotta do another video.
This pattern has worked a lot this spring at a few of the local lakes I have fished. I don't know why the Claret/Wine with an orange bead has been working, but it has. This MoHair typically came on a yarn type spool to my memory. I saw this color in a dubbing pack and had to try it a few months back. One trip, this fly was the lifesaving fly of the day and for a few others that hit that same lake had similar results. It was so fun, I went back the next weekend and it was just as effective.

Tie some up in this exact color combo. The only variation I have done is whether the hot orange or pale orange works better and I am still up in the air on that so have some of both. Hope it pierces some lips for you.

The Recipe:
Hook: Ahrex FW550 size #6-12
Thread: Semperfli waxed thread 8/0
Tail: Wine/Claret Marabou
Body: Mohair Dubbing
Collar: Whiting Farms 4b Hen feathers X2
Bead: Tungsten bead on a #17 Embroidery Pin (1.25" trimmed to fit)
Glue: Gorrilla Glue
#flyfishing #flytying #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies

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