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The Squirminator Fly Pattern Tutorial

When I watched Tim Flaglers video of the Squirminator i knee that his assumption of it being the fly to use for competitions was correct. This fly literally saved my butt recently in the Johnny Boyd Carp Classic and our team brought home the victory.

After trying a dozen or so flies with minimal success, I thought why not. I had tied up a half dozen after searching squirmy worm patterns just to make sure my basis were covered. Then this pattern summed it all up. Worm, flash, egg all on a weighted jig hook. I didn’t know how effective it was going to be. Conditions must have been right and I know I might not ever have another weekend like I did with just one fly, but I am a believer.

Thanks for the great video and pattern Tim. In this video I swap out the egg material for a new material from Semperfli that might make it a bit more durable with some added flash. make sure to brush out the guard hair chenille after palmering to maximize effectiveness and egg like qualities.

Tie some up and test them out for yourself. How they pierce some lips.

The Recipe:
Hook: Ahrex FW550
Thread: Semperfli Waxed thread 8/0
Worm Material: Hareline Dubbin Squirpido
Body: Semperfli Ice Dub
Egg: Semperfli Guard Hair Chenille
Head: Tungsten Bead
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