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Ice Cream Cone Midge Fly Pattern Tutorial

This Midge variation is one of my go to favorite nymphs to fish a dropper off a balanced leech in the spring. I fish...

Chernobyl Ant Fly Pattern Tutorial

Click here to Subscribe to my YouTube: A pattern that originated on the Green ...

Amys Ant Boutonnere Fly Tying Tutorial

Tying up some Amy's Ants for an upcoming wedding to match the families Kilt colors. Should dress up the wedding part...

Blob Creeper Leech Fly Pattern Tutorial

Click here to Subscribe to my YouTube: This is a combination of a few flies th...

Rainbow Perdigon Fly Pattern Tutorial

Perdigons are known for getting down quick and fast. With the added oversized tungsten bead on a jig hook this is an...

The Creeper Bug Pattern for Fly Fishing

This is probably one of the simplest patterns I think I will ever tie. I feel like two materials is not enough, but ...
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