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Amys Ant Boutonnere Fly Tying Tutorial

Tying up some Amy's Ants for an upcoming wedding to match the families Kilt colors. Should dress up the wedding party and let people know they fly fish.

Amy's Ant is a Jack Dennis fly pattern that was named after his daughter. It isn't really a Ant imitation in my opinion, but can be viewed as a stonefly, hopper, or even a cicada. I personally like it because of the amount of foam used so it floats for days and can easily support a dropper.

Materials list:

Hook: Kilt Pin 2.5"

Thread: Semperfli classic waxed thread 12/0

Foam Body: 2mm tan and cinnamon foam

Legs: Barred Green rubber legs medium

Hackle: Whiting Farms Grizzly Hackle

Body: Olive Chenille

Underwing: Krystal Flash in 3 colors

Overwing: Natures Spirit Stimulator Deer hair

Thorax: Red chenille

Hot Spot: Red Foam


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