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Captain American Balanced Fly Pattern Tutorial

The Captain American fly pattern has been one of my confidence flies for many years. It simply catches fish when all else doesn't.

There are many names for this fly, however I was first shown this pattern when using the Midnight fire chenille mixed with some UV brill. I actually got turned on to Semperfli fly tying materials while trying to find the UV brill finding that their straggle string was amazing and came in a whole bunch of colors. Since then I have simplified the pattern by simply tying it without the UV straggle but still have plenty in my box for when the right occasion permits.

Tie some up in a bunch of difference sizes. Usually i recommend tying up other colors or variations, but with this one I would keep it as is (minus the gritty gold bead, you can use just a regular tungsten gold bead).

The Recipe:

Hook: #Ahrexhooks FW550 size 6

Thread: #Semperfliflytying waxed thread 8/0 red

Flash: Krystal flash Red

Tail: #Whitingfarms superbou and bugger pack grizzly

Wire: #Semperfliflytying .2mm gold

Body: Midnight Chenille Bead: Tungsten bead to fit

Balanced Body: Embroidery Pins ( ***as an amazon affliate I get a commission if you buy them using the link above***

Resin: thin or a head cement

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