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How to Tie A Faux Clouser Fly Pattern

I've tied Clousers before, so this video is nothing new. The Clouser is a well known pattern that can be used to catch a variety of fish. It is a very durable fly as well. However, that being said, after catching a bunch of fish and dragging it through the rocks . . . the natural bucktail can take a beating.

The Faux Bucktail is not a new product. It is a synthetic bucktail, that when first released was not my most favorite. Ive used it here and there for structure of long streamers, tails on mayflies, and a few other odds and ends. I've seen them tied as clousers but struggled with how it looked and tied on. That was until I listened to the real expert say sparse is better. Now I tie in roughly 10 fibers on the underside of the hook. The side that drags the bottom. I haven't had a bunch of time to test these, but they will be fished almost exclusively this spring. Ive had enough messages and other comments that this is a great material to increase the durability of the clouser and other bucktail flies as well.

All the materials used are available in tons of colors so tie some up and match the hatch of you local waters.

The Recipe: Hook: #Ahrexhooks NS 122

Thread: #semperfli waxed thread 8/0

Body: #flymenfishingco Faux Bucktail and #naturesspiritflytying Bucktail with some krystal flash

Eyes: Large Lead pupil eyes

Resin: #semperfli no tack uv and solarez bone dry.

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