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The Wiggly Popper Fly Pattern Tutorial

Fishing top water is one of my favorite things to do, especially for bass. This popper style fly adds body/profile on the shank of the fly while adding a ton of wiggle side to side movement.

This particular fly is for a fundraiser for Autism Awareness put on by Dead Meat Custom flies. The colors match the eyes and this fly will be auctioned off to raise money. For normal circumstances, I would tie these in black or white, or a combination of white and chartreuse and possibly some yellows.

The hackle cone that I have been incorporating into many of my patterns creates profile without adding lots of weight. The key is to use a stiff fiber feather that is long and can get 15-20 touching wraps and then stroke the fibers back and wrap backwards. This creates a literal cone that you can add less materials to create a bigger profile.

There is nothing better than watching something explode on the top water and gobble up a fly like this. Tie some up and fish them for bass or whatever you think will rise up and explode on it.

The recipe:

Hook: #Ahrexhooks PR350 size 1/0

Thread: #semperfliflytying waxed thread 8/0

Shank: 15mm shank Attachment: 50lb spyder wire

Body: #Whitingfarms american hackle

Flash: 5-10 strands of flash

Head: #flymencompany surface seducer howitzer head

Eyes: Deadmeat Customs autism awareness eyes

Cement: Raidzap flex resin

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