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The Vampire Rainbow Minnow Fly Pattern Tutorial

I got a new product from J. Stockard Fly Fishing called Vampire Sheep Hair. This is a product made by Franken Fly and I have been excited to try it ever since I heard about it. I really like the blend ratio of flash to natural materials and it forms a pretty good minnow head. The colors that I bought seem very well thought out to patterns that I already tie so naturally why not make a rainbow looking minnow.

I tried to use as much natural material to flash ratio as possible. For the tail and profile I used the Whiting Farms American Hackle and for smaller patterns they have recently released a freshwater hackle series that would be perfect for some sizes 2-6. The Grizzly is a go to for me to imitate the speckled body of white to black ratio.

The color combinations are endless and the ability to create a perfect minnow pattern for your local waters are very achievable. Tie some up and have some fun fishing them. This is an unweighted fly, so I would recommend fishing with a sinking tip or full sink line.

The Recipe:
Hook: #Ahrexhooks TP615 in a size 1/0
Thread: #Semperfli waxed thread 8/0
Tail and body: #whitingfarms American Hackle grizzly with Krystal flash
Head: #jstockard Vampire Sheep Hair
Eyes: 3/8 Eyes secured with Liquid Fusion and Semperfli no tack uv
#flyfishing #fishing #flytying #svendflies

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  • Do you sell classic Atlantic salmon flies? If so how much? I tie hairwing myself, I collect the more artistic versions

    John walker

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