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The Shelled Sandbar Crab Fly Pattern Tutorial

This Sandbar Crab fly is largely based of of Nick Vlahos Hardshell Sand Flea of @Sandbar_flies and Brendan Kainski's recent crab patterns of @Kaminski_flies. You can purchase the Hardshell Sand Flea here :

This is simply a video of my tying up a Sandbar Crab utilizing the great nails from Walmart I picked up this week. I really like how you can color the nail on both size to maximize depth and color.

I really love how mixing the Natures Spirit African Goat hair into the brush adds such a great natural material with so many great properties. I have the assortment and have mixed in some yellows and oranges as well.

Color combinations are endless, and I imagine if you love spending tons of time on one fly you could really make something wicked with these techniques and products. I plan to fish these lol.

The Recipe:
Hook: #Ahrexhooks NS115 size 2-6
Thread: #semperfli_flytying waxed thread 8/0 floro orange.
Head Section: #Snakeriverfly krinklezon and Senyo's shaggy dub
Feelers: Chicones crusher legs
Legs : Ultra Chenille
Body: #Naturesspiritflytying african goat in white and flor. blue, senyos shaggy dub white, pearl krinklezon
Weight: Lead eyes
Shell: Active oval nail to fit glued onto body with Liquid Fusion then coated with thin resin or clear nail polish.
Resin: #Semperfli_flytying uv no tack resin
#flytying #flyfishing #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #Svendflies

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