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The Matuka Leech Fly Pattern Tutorial

When driving around today I thought about tying a Matuka Streamer again, but was torn to tie a gamechanger using a Spawn Fly fish head . . . and the idea came to me to combine them to form a more classic Bunny Leech pattern combining natural materials with a hint of flash making the perfect baitfish pattern with plenty of class and movement in the water.

There are reasons for everything. The tungsten bead in the head not only places the head in the proper place with the lead wraps, but also causes it to mimic a wounded baitfish. On the strip rests it will dive head down and then when stripped rise up, and then dive again. Should make any predator fish do a double take before attacking for a nice protein dinner. Trick is on them.

With the availability of hackle colors and feathers, combined with the flash and other additions and variations one could do, you can pretty much match any baitfish pattern you are trying to imitate. The new Freshwater Streamer Hackle from Whiting Farms is perfect for this pattern. The size 1/0 hook is the larger of the sizes I would fish in my local area and selecting feathers closer to the neck on the cape could lead to sizes as small as 8, 10, or even 12.

Tie some up and hopefully they pierce some lips for you.

The recipe:
Hook: #ahrexhooks TP615 size 1/0
Thread: #semperfli_flytying nano silk 6/0
Tail and Body: #whitingfarms freshwater streamer hackle
Flash: #snakeriverfly krinklezon pearl
Weight: .025 lead wraps with a 7/32 tungsten bead
Head: #Spawnflyfish clear with Spawn eyes.
Resin: #Semperfli_flytying no tack UV
#Flytying #flyfishing #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies

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