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The Quick Simi Leech Fly Pattern Tutorial

Probably the fastest way to tie a Leech pattern using Simi Seal period. As I was driving around yesterday, I thought why not tie in the Simi Seal Dubbing loosely in stages and then fold them back, similar to making a Bass Skirt or on Streamers with the "Reverse Tie In" method. By doing this:
You speed up the process.
You create a profile without adding tons of material
You learn a new technique if you haven't done it before.
Its a superquick bug that even without fishing I have tons of confidence in due to its very similar properties to other Leeches I previously have tied and fished. Tie some up in the colors that work for you and in a variety of sizes and change up a few bead colors because you never know.
The Recipe:
Hook: Ahrex FW571 Size 12
Thread: Semperfli 8/0 Waxed Thread
Tail: Bird Fur
Body: Arizona Simi Seal Dubbing
Head: Brass Gold Bead
Weight: .015 Lead wraps 8-10
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