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The Freshwater Streamer Gamechanger Fly Pattern Tutorial

In this video, I will show how I like to tie the stiffer fiber feather gamechangers. I tried to save your lives by speeding up sections of the video that seems repetitive, but even by doing that, it is still 30 minutes long. It took about 48 minutes to tie a 5.5" Gamechanger so plan accordingly when you are doing your own. This is a fly that sometimes I have walked away with and come back the next day or sometime during the week to finish.

But there is nothing I love to do more than attempt tying Feather Gamechangers. Blane had it right when he mastered this pattern and it is a proven pattern that simply has great movement and catches fish. With the availability of Hackle feathers these days, synthetic materials, and much much more, the creation of Gamechanger patterns and movement is pretty much endless in my opinion.

A couple years ago, I was introduced to the American Hackle line by Whiting Farms. I was using the rooster feather saddles to tie up some mini gamechangers because I loved how long the feathers were, and also that you didn't have to use 20 soft hackle feathers to cover a 20 mm shank. This new line of feathers used in this video, but Whiting Farms, the Freshwater Streamer is a cross breed with the American Line, but shorter feathers in fiber length and also overall feather length. This is the perfect feather I have been looking for.

The feather may not be as long, but if you want to endure the 30 minute video, one thing you will notice is that there is minimal fluff on a feather. This is awesome. Not only do you use the whole feather almost from tip to butt end, but even the small amount of fluff can be tied in to increase the contrasting fibers and creating the ultimate combination. Maybe I just got a premium cape, but I am very impressed.

The Recipe:
Hook: #ahrexhooks FW320 size 2 and TP610 size 2/0
Thread: #semperfliflytying
Shanks: 2 x 15 mm, 1 x 20 mm
Tail: #whitingfarms Herbert Miner black
Body: #whitingfarms Freshwater Streamer silver badger
Head: 1 x American Hackle black
Eyes: #harelinedubbin 3D 3/8 eyes
Resin: #semperfliflytying no tack UV
#flytying #flyfishing #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies

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