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The Freshwater Popper Frog Fly Pattern Tutorial

When I have a bass trip on my mind, I try to think of new ways to tie up some top water flies and sometimes those ideas just get a little crazy. So why not put the popper head on backwards? I have some foam frogs that I tie up that don't push a ton of water and somedays those have been proven to be more effective. That is where this fly comes in . . . also because I was too lazy to cut my foam bodies and this bag of popper heads was sitting on the top of my foam. Why not?

I believe that when using the head like this it is call d a diver because when stripped it will dive slightly into the top water column. If I w the to invert the head so it was upside down from this but facing the same way it would be a slider.

I have tied a few double barrel popper heads where you use tow of these to create a body of the frog so this is just 1/2 of that body on a smaller popper hook. Its not up to my thoughts to see if this is a great fly or not, but rather will be tested in the coming weeks and replenished to the box for future trips if proven effective.

The new Freshwater Streamer hackle I am using in this video is a great product for legs I feel. The stiffness and length is almost perfect for these frogs and using it as the body should keep a good beefy profile to the bass that is looking for its steak and potatos for a good meal. The Hackle comes in a bunch of colors along with the rubber legs and you can color a white popper head to match any frog you want. Tie some up and fish them.

The Recipe:
Hook: #partridgehooks popper size 2
Thread: #semperfliflytying nano silk 12/0
Dubbing: chartreuse flashy dub
Legs/ body: #whitingfarms Freshwater Streamer hackle
Head: popper head
Glue: Gorrilla super glue

#flytying #flyfishing #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies

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