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Complicated Bunny Leech Fly Tying Tutorial

Lock Down FlyTying Day. I got invited to participate with other Youtubers to have a fun Sunday of fly tying in place of a canceled show.

 The Complicated Bunny Leech is a spin off a simple pattern, the Bunny Leech. Basically, by overcomplicating the fly you can manipulate it so many different ways. There are hundreds of varieties of this pattern, and it is nothing new. If you follow this tutorial, you will quickly master dubbing loops and find ways to add them to some of your favorite patterns.

Follow along the other tyers today, here is a list of times and links: 0930 Lindsay Simpson - Suggestive Emerger -​ 1000 Steve Cullen -The 'Indestructible' Squirmy -​ 1030 Davie McPhail -Green Peter Detached Bodied Dry Fly -​ 1100 Tim Joyce - Deceiver Saltwater Bass​ 1130 Alistair Mann - The Leven Viva -​ 1200 Andy Saunders - Standard Sculpin -​ 1230 Svend Diesel - Complicated Bunny Leech - 1300 Rhys Wadley - Picric olive fluffcat -​ 1330 Stevie O'Neil - Gorgeous George -​ 1400 Desmond Paul - Grey Wulff -​ 1430 Arshad Khan - Viva Bumble -

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