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Carey Special Fly Pattern Tutorial

An example of a fly you could enter for the April 2020 Natures Spirit fly tying challenge. Check out their youtube or social media for details and a tutorial as well.

A fly pattern from the early 1900's that is a must have for any still water box. Like many of these early fly patterns, the exact origin is up for debate but created by Thomas Carey this fly was intended for lakes and in general to imitate a variety of things including small baitfish and or nymphs of larger insects including damsel flys and dragonflies.

I am tying this as a fancy blacked out version. A simpler version that I have had much success with is simply brown pheasant rump feathers or brown hackle with a natural peacock body secured with gold or copper wire. I just wanted to add a little flare so I dressed the body as I would some classic salmon flies.

Tie some up in the staple colors and maybe a few others that could be used as an attractor to your tailing bait fish or leech fly. Hope it pierces some lips for you.



The Recipe:

Hook: #Stealthflyproducts N series #6

Thread: #Semperfli nano silk 6/0

Tail and Collar: #naturesspiritflytying ringneck rump patch body: #Naturesspiritflytying black dyed peacock

Ribbing: Mylar tinsel and #semperfli med french oval tinsel

Resin: Bone Dry

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