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Twinkly pre lit Christmas Tree 600 light count 9 foot tree purchased at Home Depot Updated App

***Beware of the fake tree scammers using this video as a Facebook Ad for their knock off version. This is the Twinkly branded pre lit tree I purchased at Home Depot and not through these ads. If you see the ads, please kindly report them as fraudulent since they do not have my permission to use this video for their scam ads***

This is an updated video showing the 9 foot tree, 600 light count tree purchased from Home Depot.

Also, this video is using the updated version of the app compared to my previous video which shows the process of 3D mapping your tree's lights versus before was more of a 2D mapping. I have my tree in the corner so I am not concerned about the lights in the back or decorations for that matter.

You can purchase Twinkly products by doing a simple google search depending on where you live in the world. I got both my trees on sale at the end of the season and paid roughly $270 for the 7.5 foot pre lit tree and $400 for the 9 foot pre lit tree, both coming with 600 count lights (just the lights are $249 for 600 count).

I am not affiliated with Twinkly or any stores so to find the products :

Google search: Twinkly pre lit christmas tree

Google search: Twinkly lights

Whether you are in need of a new tree or want a second, this is pretty cool technology that my kids had a blast playing with tonight. It was a beautiful tree we loved and we really didn’t know what the lights would really do til we got home and set it up. Made the purchase well worth the $$$. This is filmed for year 2 of the tree, so it survived take down and setup so we will see how many years it lasts. Svend

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