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Resin/Glue/tool Holder

Product image 1Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 2Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 3Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 4Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 5Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 6Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 7Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 8Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 9Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 10Resin/Glue/tool Holder
Product image 11Resin/Glue/tool Holder

Regular price $22.99

This is a 3d Printed custom holder for all my favorite resins, glues, and tools I need while tying flies.  Please see the layout for what bottles will fit as this can not be drilled or modified once printed.  For custom colors please email me.

The number corresponds to the photo.  If you select #1 at checkout you get the color that is #1 in the photos.  

There are silicone tabs on the bottom to prevent shifting around can be easily removed if you prefer to slide them around.  

Note: If you want to do this, I have added a small foam cylinder into the bodkin hole and superglued it in place for my personal one.  I don't do this on them shipped out incase you want your bodkin sitting tip up or to use it for another tool.  

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