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The STP Frog Fly Pattern Tutorial

For the how simple this pattern is it should be a staple in anyones box for top water action in the summer months.

Ive fished it a couple bass trips over the last few years, but man does the cutters that Tony Tomsu designed with River road Creations make it stupid easy. There are a couple You Tube videos showing off the awesomeness of River Road Creations frog foam cutters, and on their Website it has a step by stop by Tony and also shows Curtis Fry doing an awesome Tube version of this fly.

For this fly, you will need the foam cutters that can be purchased here:

And if you want the pre dotted frog foam, you can purchase it here:

The Cutter although expensive for the set, dramatically saves time at the vise and makes a more uniform frog pattern especially when matching up two different colors onto the shank of the hook. Tie some up and fish in your favorite colors of foam and legs. As mentioned I don't usually put eyes on, but it adds to the realism for the fisherman and I do see how maybe these rattle eyes could be of benefit, but I usually lose them and end up fishing with out.

The Recipe:
Hook: #Ahrexhooks TP610 #2
Thread: #Semperfliflytying Floro Waxed thread 8/0
Weed Guard: 30 lb Mono
Foam: 2mm foam in two colors
Legs: 1 Tab of rubber legs
Eyes: Not necessary, but craft store rattle eyes
#Flytying #flyfishing #fishing #tyingoneflyaday #svendflies

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