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The Solar Clouser Fly Pattern Tutorial

The original Clouser Minnow credited to Bob Clouser in the late 80's is one of the most widely used patterns in both fresh water and salt.  With just a few materials on a hook, it can imitate almost any bait fish in different situations.  Pretty basic pattern, with the original being tied with just bucktail and krystal flash, however there are so many variations or tweaks that can be done.... although not necessary at all. 
For the Solar Clouser we are using a product by Snake River Fly called Solar Flare.  This is a soft flash and comes in the perfect length to tie on this 1/0 hook.  It can easily be cut and trimmed to fit smaller hooks.  It comes in a few different colors and will accent any color combo you are trying to imitate.  I tied the Solar flare on to be the core of the fly to help the flash shimmer through while adding a little bit to the profile.  I generally tie my Clousers too dense with Bucktail, and this will help to offset that. 
The Recipe:
Hook: Ahrex Hook TP605 Trout Predator 1/0
Thread: Semperfli Waxed Thread 8/0 and Chartreuse Floss
Flash: Snake River Fly Solar Flare
Body: Bucktail
Head: Semperfli No tack UV
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