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The Perfect Popper Fly Tying Tutorial

So the name says it all. This is a simple popper that comes in a kit with the popper and hook. All the tyer needs to do is attach the tail or rear section of the fly. The perfect popper comes in a few different models, however I want the ones made for the salt water that when tied to the hook remind me simply of the Rebel Poppers.

You can have fun with it and paint to your liking. Ive added glitter to the clear coat of Flex Resin, but love getting out the airbrush and painting away. You can get as creative as you want because the sky is the limit.



Hook and Body: Perfect Popper kit

Thread: Semperfli Waxed thread 6/0

Flash: Holographic tinsel 8-10 pieces

Tail: Whiting Farms american hackle rooster saddle

Resin: Raidzap flex resin

Eyes: users choice

Paint: Copic Markers airbrushed

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