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The Easy Crayfish Fly Pattern Tutorial

Trying to simplify a pattern to fewer materials is always something I struggle with. Luckily I am always a last minute tyer and trying to crank out a bunch of bugs the night before I leave as a just in case the normal stuff isn't working I need something outside the box. Well this one is well within the box, but wanted to make it ultra durable using the Fly Skinz Exo Skin.

The Exo Skin Stuff is wicked tough. Sometimes a sharpened bodkin finds it tough to penetrate the material when tying. It comes in a bunch of colors so it will be easy to match the Crayfish seasonally. I use the heaver wire to increase durability and also help it get down fast for a slow strip retrieval.

Tie some up and have fun fishing them.

The Recipe:
Hook: Ahrex Hook FW550 size 6
Thread: Semperfli Waxed thread orange 8/0
Antennae: 5-6 half tab rubber legs folded over itself
Claws: Fly Skinz Exo Skin
Body: Cohens carp dub mixed blaze orange and Cray-Zee Orange
Wire: .2mm Semperli wire red
Eyes: Black Lead eyes medium
Cement: UV resin
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