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Fly Tying Tricks and Tips 101: How to Help a Hook Keel Better

Here is a short 4 minute video where I will use .025 Lead wire to prep some hooks I will be tying for future Surf Candy flies. Even with a heavy wire hook, sometimes it can ride a little off in the water and a little bit of added weight on the bend of the hook helps a lot. I have seen others use beads to accomplish this, but this is the more cost effective way of doing it and I personal think it is less bulky than a bead and blends really well with the hook.

How many wraps really depend on the size of the hook. If I were to say there is a general rule, take the half circle the hook creates moving from the shank to the point and divide it by 2, then subtract 4-6 wraps. The result will be some lead wraps starting into the bend, but ending before the hook begins to curve back to the point. If your fly is riding all wonky still, add some more wraps and you can even wrap over the first lead wraps, doubling up on the space.

Make sure to add some superglue or other waterproof glue to protect the wraps from moving or sliding. I prefer Z-ment and usually brush it twice working the glue into the lead wraps.

Comment below if you have seen me do other tricks that you would like explained, because most of the time I don't realize it could be a trick or a tip for someone else.

Thanks for watching.

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